Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You’ve such a lovely temperature.

i like the depth of your eyes; the way you try to smile at me; the way we joke about we are going to have bad sex for 6 years; the way we getting comfortable with each other more and more; the way you insist of drinking even though in the beginning you did not want one; the way when i ask you whether you mind for me to have a drink and in the end you don't; the way you thank me because i left something behind and came back; the way you wanted to touch my hand and did not; the way you want to touch me and also did not; i like how honest you are; i like how you start to let go in life; i like how you have no intention to harm other and just enjoy life; i like how we stick with the 5 words game; i like the photo on your wall; i like how you make fun of me with my hands gently moving the sheets; i like you silently like me; i like that you know what you are doing and yet you still want to do it even though it may be wrong; i like in the end this could be the end of something or a beginning of another. 

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