Thursday, July 6, 2017

Each time you happen to me all over again.

second night; casually; same excitement and enthusiasm; you stuck in a jam; postponed a little bit later; still on time; you were getting dress; i offer to drive you there; we had a wonderful evening; light food; drinks; joke about; snack food with a question; that was pretty unforgettable; you love it and she did not; you find a way; you had your fair share of experience; not the first time; i feel safer; you are cute; gentle; sensual; kind; sexy; passionate; i would have told you in the end of the night anyway; just that coz you asked about it over dinner; i told you and said if you do not want to see me after that; i would understand; the same as i told him before; you said you understand and accepted me as i am; other than that the rest of my story was true; i feel you are genuine too; besides i did not expect to see you again; now that i did i have to tell you the truth; i like the way you touch me; kiss me; move me, care for me and talk with me; you are very funny and charming in your own way; slowly loosen up; tell me funny joke; doing silly impersonation; you like how i dress with my converse; expecting me to do so; because you said that is just so you; i have to agree; i like how you always ask me if i am ok; i asked you about secret; in the end; secret is not something you even ask; it remains as something you want to share or not; we are adult; we know our boundaries; we both now; we miss being with someone; physically more than anything; lust has a price tag on it; sometimes cost you more than just pleasure; hopefully this pain comes in a good cause; it feels too good to know that someone knows the boundaries.

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