Monday, July 10, 2017

There is beauty, heartbreaking beauty, everywhere.

you were sick; you wanted to see me after you got better; we missed each other; dearly; even we only met briefly; it's the feeling; you said a friend is coming over; wont be able to meet same place; you are traveling soon as well; i slept over; we had dinner; a drink; simple way to spend an evening; telling light-hearted jokes; nothing serious or harmful; we know our boundaries; what line we do not cross; i miss more of the other one; we spoke constantly everyday; that feeling grew much more stronger and tighter; if one day you say we inevitable parted; you wish you can at least keep this deep connection; with you it is going to be brief and different; just like how i like it when you brush my hair away when i wake up in the morning; when i look at you; you tried to cover my eyes; i felt you are being shy; i like that in a man a little; that gesture is something he will never ever do; because i am in love with the both of you; in the same yet different ways. 

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