Friday, May 31, 2013

We read frequently if unknowingly, in quest of a mind more original than our own.

It's been a month; Deep down inside we know that feeling; We've been missing each other so much; U text me so we went out for dinner; Had burger; U telling story about ur trip and how u r making progress with ur girl. also about some lousy movie; you haven't changed one bit; I'm happy for u; I also was telling u how I sort of seeing someone then I don't know if you are happy for me; U wanted to know all; But as usual we made up for old time for the month we didn't see each other; U miss me so so much when there's time u can't stop thinking about me n u want me; U r dependent to me so much; I hope that's a good thing; We r adult enuff to know what we r doing and u told me there's nothing wrong to make love to someone u r really into even if it's two of them; i used to think it's wrong but now i agree; not anymore; all of this because you said: you are my drug.