Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful.

maybe this morning you and her did it; that's why you were late; i am not someone who can ask that; question that; i do not entitle to; i do not own you; as you do not own me; change my strategy over the weekend; just for fun; gotten some reactions; making contacts; reaching out; pouring in; unexpectedly; filter thru; went with one; massive headache; straight forward fun; drank too much; after a day; ask for more; met another time; chat chat; made meal; few puffs; back to usual life; then another spontaneous meet; meet anywhere; dinner; few beers; did not think much of it; very straight; serious looking; joke around a little at last; opening up; what would you do if no one is judging you; you mean now; to touch your hand; to kiss you; five words; was a pleasant surprise; the need of being out there; the need of feeling afraid; the need of being with someone; the need of being back home; the need of knowing i still have myself; the need of knowing somewhere i still can come back to; the need to feel safe where no one else can make me feel safe; the need to a self creating illusion; the need of telling myself over and over again - everything will finally be alright; just alright. 

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