Monday, November 21, 2016

Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will… but then again, if you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.

it was supposed to be a breakfast meeting; i did not give up; somehow naively; still trying in a way; met him; in shorts and flip flop; as he pre-warned me; did not mind it at all; some values are the same; tolerate stupid people; level of impatient; the word "separated"; afraid of the past emotional baggage; didn't reveal so much on the past; dont wish to; what is the point; answer question with question; give up too easily to an answer because fail to retrieve it the first time; still looking for something; both restless and directionless; nine hours of meeting; forfeit plan B; not as square; breakfast my bread is better; Japanese as lunch; close with a pint and cigarettes; everyone lies; something still entangling; unsure how to take it; again it was something from your past that i will not be able to change; feeling unwanted; havent found what he is looking for; i am getting too rusty for this; nevertheless we will see.

nerd; lie; forgetful; teasing to BIG again and again; star wars; fist bump; gave up easily; 80;s music; bantering; was a fun day in a nice way.

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