Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We’ll survive, you and I.

second night - we meet again; you made time for me; we had real nice Japanese dinner; you told them you wanted a night to rest and spend some time on your own; you got the other thing that you supposed to get and bump into someone; you thought it was funny; i let lose a bit more; pragmatically boxy; you kind of describe me; control freak even; you seem to see through me; i am pretty predictable anyway i have to admit; you curious and intrigued about my exterior that doesn't match how i am inside and you wonder why; you use too many good compliments on me; i feel overwhelmed; you said we click you feel me all over you and that you enjoy the feeling but i already thinking about when you have to leave; why does it matter? of course i dont have to care; i can just sleep with you; and then you go away and then our lives back to normal; but what does that mean? you can't even fix things with her and you will be far away; however beautiful you say i am it doesn't mean anything if you are not here with me and it is not just only you; there's another him too but the trickiness is the same.

third night - after class again; i brought beer; manage to arrive on time; tried to scare you; didnt succeed; you are a marketing guy; you always have a way with words; one of the reasons you are here somewhat because of me; another fantastic night; i stayed over; because it was late when we are done; i had a simple breakfast; lots of thoughts running around my head.

forth night - we skipped a night because we couldn't match the time to meet; we plan on the fifth.

fifth night - i wanted to meet you so much; i was glad we drove home after the event and it was my graduation night; little wine; little chat; all the sensual touching; talking; wildly sexual encounter; the intensity that drives each other mad; i slept over; slept in until 10am and we had room service; call to order 5 to eleven; funny; we have some jokes and chat as well; trying to locate the thing for two times; got fed up and upset until we gave up and let lose.

sixth night - we let each other rest

seventh night - you detached from the rest and waited for me; i thought you will be busy; i thought we will not be able to meet; it's your last night here after all; always half full - always; you thought me; i open up to you a little bit about myself i thought i never would again; all the lame jokes; sexual remarks; the tenderness; gentleness; sweat; wetness; tightness; the tipping point; the peak point; the cracking; the pushing; the thrusting; all these overwhelming emotions; we did not make out last night here awkward; we did not part ways weirdly; if anything i will always remember this. you have to believe that you can always love a few people at the exact same time, always.

This is a strange place as I'm living a weird life and 38 is not exactly the best age to be, at least not in my case anyway.

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