Saturday, April 16, 2016

No one is you and that is your power.

The thing is i hurt too.
I too need the time
To think back
To heal
To go on
I am not as strong as you think i am
I break down too
I had enough
Ive done enough
Been taking for granted
Sometimes thing happened it hits you and make me realize
If i die now i would have no regret
If they die now i would have feel no guilt
What is he trying to prove
That he is better than me
I remember your fault
That can never be erased so dont you dare stand there judge me and say that you are better than me
I just have to accept the fact that i will be pulling thru this weekend alone
The thing is i dont even feel guilty about it
It is more liberating than ever
I haven't been spending lots of alone time. The kind of alone time i would not have imagine. 
Even if i need to lie.

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