Saturday, April 16, 2016

memories of you....

green car; white shirt; black pants; day trips; thinking out loud; movies; nose games; the way you dry me off and kiss my nipple when I step out of the shower; when you gave me a toothbrush the first night I sleep over; 6am surprise visit; quick drop by only to find me not at home; your smell; your sweat; the moment we miss each other so much and that we don't even care we didn't have sex; the book you read; the book I read; red pants; soft hair; converse shirt; the way you multitask when you are brushing your teeth; the way you make a face when you are thinking; the way you know that I know that we are thinking about the same thing; how we like it most in Starbucks; my iPod; your reaction; the time you drop me in the water I choke and you panic a little then kept on apologizing; the list can only grows; there is no stoping now; at all. 

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