Friday, March 25, 2016

You did something for me I couldn’t do for myself. You loved me for who I am.

we made time for each other again after we last parted the Wednesday before; more than 7 days for us now is a long time; i miss you dearly; still jokingly and lovingly greet you; we hold each other tight; you politely ask if we can go to bed; i smile; since when you need to ask; sometimes you are still shy with me and i find that is your best quality; in the end you will always think there's something unspoken about us that you dare not break; we talked about whole lot of stuff; your daughter; her boyfriend; being accountable; being responsible; affair; swinging with partner; million dollar indecent proposal; being forgivable; human behavior; my friends; things we cannot tell our friends about; being sales; being yourself; being flexible; being able to change; business is business; in the end; you still like to win; having fruit; listen to song; young and beautiful; we touch again, again and again; we cant stop; we dont want to stop; you still like to know that you matter; making a  point to know that when you will go away; it may hurt i rather hurt than having you hiding the truth and only find out later; i rather hurt now; i tell you it is going to be ok; i gave you that ok; i lightly whisper: make love to me one more time; you reply: not only one more time; you said you found me and that was it; you stop looking; you should carry on; maybe there will be something better; we also talk about ending it; goodbye; silly thought; but we didnt carry on; we blur the line if this is love or just sex; maybe we should make this just sex; i was making fun; we testing each other with stupid comment; we didnt mean it; i said perhaps i should just reply: i wish you all the best too and goodbye; dont do it, please; i will stay with you for a longer time; just because you say please; just because i will still be sad leaving you behind; just because.

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