Thursday, March 10, 2016

Yes, be patient with me. My heart is heavy.

I write you, like how i normally do, we see us again tonight, i pretend that you may have forgotten about the whole thing, you were excited and suggested to sleep over my place for the very first time, u like the idea, so did i, i prepared for you toothbrush, we had beer, the next morning a nice breakfast, we talked the whole night long, i repeat what i have wrote to you in a clearer manner, because i want answer and i got them, u wanted to finally let go what you are supposed to let go long time ago, you said the last time you two both was a month ago, she is selfish, maybe you are too, but who isn't? Even i do. You talked about caring of a child that the mother you don't care about, the possibility of your child illness lies in you, it reminds me of someone i hated, someone i thought I once loved, someone i thought i could never forgive, but i love you and i forgive you, i guess that's what eight years long relationship does to people, it allows people like us to accept people like us.

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