Saturday, March 12, 2016

That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.

i wish all my brain power will reserve it memory to remember this beautiful holiday all my life; 5 days 4 nights fly thru as it nothing happens; it's too too short; i was speechless and shock with all the unexpected surprises; thinking that we will be bored with each other very soon, but what a joke; your friend; the awkward airport encounter; the ride; the drive; how quick you move; how relax you can be; how quickly you fell asleep during our first night; without kiss good night; the Riesling champagne; your gentle touch and kisses; the way you look at me; the way you make me feel beautiful; the sex in the beach; in the pool; the way you finger me; the way you tenderly make me wet with only your fingers; sunset; moped; the way i hug you from behind the motorcycle; the way you hold me too; the way you trust me; my stubborn way to do it on my own; the joke inside water; the 4 islands; the snorkeling; the emerald cave; holding your hands under the water; all the teasing; the old town; the other side of town; whole day of hot sunny riding; the similar thinking we shared about  places to visit and go; rarely conflict; the hair dresser random act of kindness; we accommodating each other as much as we can so we do not spoil the fun; sweat; sun; tanned; pool; swim; sea; walk; fine dining restaurant; the little black dress; the heels that i brought; ubongo game; liking each other in our own little world; red lipstick; converse; jeans; shirt; beach; couch; one hour earlier; the anxiousness; airport; queue; luggage; music; breakfast day after day the same thing; thai food; cocktails; beers; yoga (almost); massage; make sex music; youth; book that we didn't get to read; music that we didn't get to hear; me being neurotic; chasing after check in time;  transit; 8 hours long; taxi ride; rain; shock; forgetful; ipod; kindle; messing with you for my ipod; all the hearts that i folded; and you picked a breakfast date; i owe you that; always a back door someway; somehow; you also say; stay with me; someway; somehow; i dont know what to do; i sent you home; i picked you up; all this; how can i ever forget; ever; i hate you more than ever now because you are building up memories whether i want it or not; deliberately or not deliberately.

i fucking hate you and i fucking love you; all at the very same time exact same time.

will you please love me too?

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