Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength.

The long away two week trip has finally over, you are back, asking me to call, telling me I am kind, thanking me for being nice, you still have much to settle, you told me you are coming this Wednesday for a meeting, I asked when did you found out, you said weeks ago, I cancel a plan to see you because I want to see you, I know I can do whatever I like and so can you, You criticize my English, I ask you to give me a break, I'm not upset about the late notice, I just want you to know each of us have our own life to live, if you start to let someone in you have to start to think about them in any situation, be thoughtful and considerate, I am not sitting around here just waiting for you, I understand you are busy and things are crazy that you have to deal with a lot of stuff, that makes me low in priority, I really understand that. All I'm asking is just for you to start think about me, sometime. Even sometimes. That is enough.  

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