Wednesday, July 2, 2014

He can do more for others who has done most with himself.

I am sitting at the same place; arrive early waiting for you; you walk to me; greet me and kiss me; I miss you; you look good; in fact we miss each other terribly; you have your unusual way dealing with things that I do not want to interfere because you have been doing this for so long; you manage until now and so did I; if you let me be and i should also let you be; that’s my take; we went out for dinner; you were talking about some notes; want to take a walk have a coffee and tell me all about it; when we reach home; I undress and get all comfortable; the moment passed; you don’t want to talk about the note anymore; you are not in the mood; I apologize and feel bad; you are tired; we talk in the morning you said; you awake at my slightest movement because I was up and couldn’t sleep anymore; you started to pour it out; your note; you were telling me how hard your life has been and how your life is still hard; showing me a lot of things; you are planning way ahead; need me to be there; my practicality might be put into good use in helping you; you crying a little; getting really emotional; that you are so alone scare and screw up; I quietly listen; that's all you want me to do; you know what you are doing; you don’t need my advice; you just afraid you cant last any longer and kill yourself; give it a year; you say; you don’t even care if I want to be with you; then you told me i dont need to buy anything; the house is big enough to live; you always full of contradiction; the notion of having kids with your ex; can i disagree? also some one gave birth to your possible child; all of this; what can i do? how do i deal with it? you even show me photo; I am already with you; the feeling I have for you; the way you mention a home, having children and how you slowly quietly say I love you……………all that I can hear you; all that I pay attention; all that I know, because me too, me too.

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