Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Maybe I’m getting tired – I can’t think of anything but nights with you. I want them warm and silvery.

we did not talked about the weekend; we were too into it; we texted each other; planning; rather last minute; i asked to meet; you said yesssssssssssss; i can sense your smile in your text; such wonderful feeling; i picked you up at 9; feel the thrill; this sensation of being with someone new; we joke about lightheartedly; you pushing limits and yet like to be in control; i ask you if you trust me; you do; it's a feeling; yes and no game; i wonder if that works for people who only know for a short time; a game that you can not lie; a game that shows your true color; you hiding feelings; because you know it will hurt people; you care about them and yet enjoy time being with me; we both know what we have gotten ourselves into; consciously; you said i am not a bad person; you are; i do not think; it takes two to tango; you told me about your life; how you envision it to be; live it to the fullest; about a few movies; music; the gambler - 'Fuck You" scene; it's a fuck all attitude rooted in you; nevertheless there is obligation; we are not together; we just enjoying our time; you are not hiding; we are not here to cause harm to anybody; we know it; i just nod; i could not agree; i listen; in the end; it is your life to live; i do not want to share so much; afraid that i may get in too deep; the parting will already be hard; although we only just met; a month ago; it is odd and yet it is real; anyway; i will not be part of it; could be just a smart part; briefly; temporarily; like how it is now; you addicted to a drug; to me; you like it; you have experience some of the best; the adrenaline rush; the thing you had with me you have not with anyone else; you make me feel special; that very particular feeling is unique; when you are fully into me; when you are there; i say stop; you stop for 2 seconds; you move again; i did not want you to; you make me want you then; continue on the motion; the slow and then hard thrusting motion; i can't get enough of it; every stroke makes me tremble; bring me the best sensation all over my body; you can feel it in and out of me; my heartbeat; your heartbeat; the sweat when your finger gently linger on my back; never know my own limit until now; discovering a brand new side; glowing with smile; i like that under we sit on the sofa under the dim light your head softly lie on my lap; we talk; i like the way you touch me; the way you put my hair behind my ears; the way you almost fall asleep on my bed; the way we listen to the train together; the way i caress you with my hand; to feel you; your inner thigh; your chest; your hair; your arm; your body; i like that you said i turn you crazy as you have to me; i like that even when you are away you think of me too; i like the way you make fun and cover your nose; i like the way you are naked, standing in the middle of my living room, slipping water; i like how we can be close with each other without feeling awkward; i like how you say we will still spend this weekend together; no mobile; no watch; just you and me; in this one life.

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