Monday, July 31, 2017

The more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it becomes.

you are back from your trip; 2 weeks fly by; you said you were tired and not sure if to cancel on me or not; i prepared dinner; a simple one; enough for us both; we were absolutely thrill to see us; not much words between us; i put on a new play list; mellow chill hit; we fooling about; you are really not a serious person deep down; i love your deep brown eyes; you love one of the songs; dr dre; in fact you just chill and enjoy the whole playlist; i got panic over small matter; i even cried; you calm me down; it's ok it's ok; you kept saying; look at me; im too clean; i want everything to be perfect; you grab hold of me; you take the chair; we did silly crazy hot stuff; you were telling me jokes; then seriously saying you have a tattoo on your back; i doubt you; you have to check? you asked me; i was unsure; i like how gentle you are; you still like how i stare at something when i think of nothing and that you stare at me; u said this is nsa; so everytime is the first time; everytime; i like the sound of your sleep; still it's time for you to leave and i just let you leave; just let you leave.

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