Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Your worst sin is that you have destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothing.

i met a friend;
talked about old work, family, life in general, how would we want to be treated, how everything is our own doing and choice, we have planned a trip;
you said that you are jealous;
i am even more so;
i am jealous to something you are permanently attach to;
you said you are square in terms of career;
when it comes to other thing you are less;
that is how you spice things up;
in the end; it's a choice;
you said you are planning trips too;
and your mother will be around;
you are never close with her;
you ask her to bring her around;
you told me i am doing well;
you kept on saying i make you happy;
i hope it's the truth;
even if you are lying to me;
i am willing to believe completely;
even just one second of happiness with you;
everything we say is a sexual turn on;
we still falling with each other;
i wish to let lose;
just to see if i can go on a second with out you;
on my mind;
i have unknowingly fall for you;
so deep and so hard;
this dive that i took;
that i will not say that i will be regretful to do.

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