Friday, June 30, 2017

Our eyes alone tell stories that words never could.

So we continue to talk about conversation; no sex talk today at all; shockingly; you were telling me about a dream you had this morning; about someone you knew as a kid; how you guys drifted apart and what would you tell him if there will be a day you meet him during his sick time; how he was the opposite of you and how you felt left out; betrayed; this you did not even share with your brother; i re- frame the question not to say who you will tell this before me; just that who will you start this conversation with; surely you mention your family; we all should; just a matter on how to start; we have different view; things that I tell people; the thin line that i have with you; if i tell you more; should i go deeper; or should i withdraw and stay beside my wall; it's a constant mind fight; after i tell you; so then what now? what else? what can you do for me? nothing; yes, i figure; anyway, we have to admit that the way we started get us into this sharing notion on a deeper level; which is not something I can do anyone; perhaps something conventional; not me; my friends all know bit and pieces of me; you know about 80% the most; you said there's three way our relationship grow - that i give you this loving emotional feeling; that we have great sex and that we can talk deep; you say it's not a matter of time; that we know each other for such a short time and how we surprisingly connected; I think you may be right; to me it's more like who are you with and if that some are also sharing at the same level as deep as you. 

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