Sunday, June 4, 2017

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.

It's the hardest every time we part. This time we not only parted with much more emotions also comes this honest part of us that we did not shared before. This is very very precious to me. I feel jealous to those girls that get to spend time with you. They were very lucky. I seem to repeat myself, this is because I really want you to know how I feel and that you have touched me deeply where no one has done before. Yes not only physically but also emotionally. I love you very much and that makes it harder to say goodbye each time. Please don't stop wanting me ever, as I will continue to want you and desire you, although now I will think you are with other girls too. It will be silly to think that you are sitting home and have no sex. You are after all a grown sexually active man.

Sorry for being such a kid. Most of the times. I will find myself again. I just need time.

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