Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I will love you the exact way I always wanted to be loved.

still shy;
still did not push it thru;
first night arrive late;
we joke about it;
i was gullible;
i greeted you;
you were tired;
you slept more;
day 1 - then we headed out to a temple nearby;
the temple was surrounded by a lake;
we had a Starbucks too;
we walked around the park;
see all the performers around;
had a piece of fried chicken;
it was a nice day;
then we wanted to have a beer;
small dinner;
we ended in the small jap restaurant in a corner;
day 2 - we got up;
usual time;
we book the tour;
then get on our way to the north;
visited a big bell tower temple;
we then rushed on a bus;
randomly touring around;
ended up in a small bar street;
had my beer in a french cafe;
then we walk thru old street;
found interesting stuff to look around;
i wanted it to be special;
had in my head a visual;
it did not happen;
i know why;
i did not push it;
i want to be in control;
i want to know where i stand and what i bring to this relationship;
day 3 - we had the arranged trip;
saw another old couple;
guessing it's an affair;
we can only guess;
what will other think of us;
i wonder;
you enjoy us as a normal couple too;
im more eager to feel with you different things;
to still explore you; know you;
day 4 - in the nicest hotel of the trip;
did not stay long or talk;
hang out had beer;
walk around lake a bit;
bicycle fail;
a lot of things fail;
but enjoyable time nonetheless;
did not had our bath;
drink a little wine;
call it a night;
day 5 - check in again the second hotel;
settle down;
went to old street again;
had cold drinks;
people watching;
normal conversation;
you had asked me to tell you something, two times;
i feel like we run out of things to say;
we limit ourselves;
i do not want to do the things you could do with them;
what is the difference?
i wonder then;
i wonder now;
i will forever can only wonder;
to no end.

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