Wednesday, March 1, 2017

There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.

you are here;
for four days;
you said this is the sales director job;
but you push thru it;
give it a reason;
to just come and see me;
i feel flattering;
also an emotional burden;
you will be gone;
the more i am with you;
the more i realise in the end;
it is all a state of mind;
if you feel happy and want to;
you will be;
we had great intimate moments;
sushi; malay food; joking around; blonde chocolate; the jam; touching in the car; how you did not want me to wait; i took a day off; hi tea with bunch or orchids; your work; your scar; chinese seafood;  the hypothetical money question; your sexual story;
how you do not mind about the things that i do because it was too intense;
that you made me did so for the very first time;
that i do not think i will ever met someone like you;
that i will never feel the same emotion ever again;
all these intense emotions;
we may or may not have again ever;
glad that i text you back;
anyway you would've still try;
know that you still keep seeing other;
of course you do;
you will never stop;
eventually everything fade;
1 day;
6 weeks;
14 years;
25 years;
no difference;
you were telling me more;
your ears;
your story;
your hard work;
how you end up here now;
this moment;
i truly treasure;
although we have parted with a very very heavy heart.

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