Monday, February 27, 2017

You don’t know what burdens other people bear. Always treat them with the greatest of care.

it's another weekend;
i have much to tell you;
we talked for a short while;
far too short for me to share it all;
the electrician issue; my assignment with classmate; my hang out with friends;
so much thoughts and after thoughts that are worth sharing and talk about;
but it was way too short your drive;
i started now to hate it when you ask what is new with me but i have to summarize and concentrate everything within 20 minutes;
we have decided and agreed to see us in May;
want an easier justification for you;
hence no where far away;
in the end;
i was surprise that you still able to know me well even i have not shared so much;
guess i am just predictable;
furthermore what else can we really say what can you really advice me with;
it doesnt get too far away but sex;
we all feel alone; empty; depress;
i was lucky i can work;
she is obviously unhappy but in the midst of get out of it;
i can only help so much;
but how can i tell you all that;
you can go home and share them;
i wont be able to and i do not want to;
in the end i have to deal with it and solve my own problems;
like how i always do.

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