Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.

i was talking about skills; how after few times of talking; i did mind when you talk about her attractiveness; but i do not mind when you share your problem; you tend to want to know bad stuff than good; you will not want to know if i am seeing a guy that is good; we all laugh better at other's misfortune compare to our own; when i say if she ends it so would we; you said you are not a saint and at this point you will not say for sure; but it gives you comfort and feel less guilty as she said she is not so sure of it; then you feel a sense of relief when you are going to see me soon; i say you still want to see me if i am seeing someone; you ask me to say it again; i still say i would; even if you are married, you asked; but i am not sure if marriage is something i would do anytime soon; i do know for sure the feelings with you just linger on and on and on and on.................because we care for each other more and feel this precious emotion and create such an important spot in each other's life; i wonder when it comes the time we need to end; it has to be something awfully terrible; i may want it to happen soon; very soon.

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