Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Let it die. Let there be a new beginning. It’s awful. Goodnight.

forth day of new year; received two unusual calls:-

AM - from my neighbor; the kind Indian lady who seems to have a hard life; i cant help much; all i do was just listen even just a little of her venting; i hope in a way; i helped; she has a mild stroke; after work i visited her and found out; i ask her to take good care; she feels guilty that she did not do much for me and my family; i asked her not to think that way; she says she is not happy; i say as long as you do not feel sad; being unhappy is fine; as long as she is healthy.

PM - a familiar voice from afar; as long as that i have known him; he was always flying here ans there; very busy; little did i know stress has been creeping up on him; he fell ill and has been hospitalized; only been discharge day after new year; where he seems to miss xmas and new year celebration back home; we chit chat a little; sending regards; knowing each other is doing well was the best gift; he said i wasn't too enthusiastic about being happy; i said if he knows one individual that is super excited, enthusiastic and genuinely happy about life; he can introduce that person to me; he smiles; i promise to visit; at least to say hi and just to see that he is well.

two calls make me realize we have such short and unpredictable life; what we can do is seize it; do whatever you think is right and be happy about it; you need very little to be happy anyway. this i have been believing it for so long, through and thorough. 

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