Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring that special someone back to us in some small way.

We have been chit chat for a short while. Not long chat. Holiday season and such. We went away. He wished me happy new year. We reconnected. Decided to grab a coffee. Change to lunch. Was talking about anything and noting. Set a place and time. 10minutes late. Asked for my appearance. Short hair. Black bag. Black cardigan. Flowery blouse. Dark blue jeans. Hope it will not be too hard to spot. He got me. We went in Plan B. Too cold. Sat outside. Windy day. Watch luxury car pass-by. Question about valet parking. Funny. Hunger drives us both to order two set of big breakfast. Tea person. With sugar. With milk. French & German. But know what he wants. Randomly chit chatting. My past relationship. Will kind of know right away. Do not mind for another meet. Teasing about washroom and asking friend to call. That was the whole day tease. Ask me to walk around mall later coz need to do some shopping. Advanced dinner plan. I'm fine with that. Walked around. We settled down for some tea and dessert. I wanted to return the favour as he bought me lunch. Saw things he would like and buy. Chit chat further about interest. My holiday. His holiday. My study. His marriage. His kid. Armin. Birthday. Not touching anything deep. Just enough to know we want to see each other again. The hitting. The biting. The grabbing. Touching smelling my hair. Holding my hair coz of the strong wind. Silly jokes we were making. Gently brushing each other arms as a sign of affection. Also mean that you do not mind the other person touching you. 5 words to describe each other. Kind. Generous. Picky. Shy. I forget the last one. He did not look like the shy type. Doesn't matter. Want to see him again. He walked me to my car. We hug and kiss goodbye. We were a little shy. Until soon. That we know. Definitely until soon.

This. All this. He did not know and he does not have to know.

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