Friday, November 25, 2016

I am not a place for cowards.

you are back a while now; but been sick; finally meeting you tonight; you suggested to have dinner near by my place; i know what you are thinking; i refuse it and just say let's have dinner nearby; because it will be jam; but deep down; i do not feel like sleeping with you anymore; we have lost it; at least i do; then after dinner; over some travel plan next year and randomly updating me about stuff; you didn't even remember you are suppose to bring the coffee pot for me to try out; instead you thought you will buy me another pair of shoes; again; then you say; let's go to our place; since you  insist and mention it; i feel reluctant and obligated; so i did not say no; reach my place; we have an hour to spare; happened quickly and quietly; there was not any sparks; not anymore; i know i have already lost it since that day i found out the truth.

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