Sunday, May 29, 2016

True sorrow is as rare as true love.

we thought we only want to talk about our next visit; and then we hit the panic button all over again and get into this sad state where we thought we want to be parted so that everything will be ok; but it is not going to be ok; because we found the root cause it is not about us interfering each other's life; it's more on the track of we fell deeply in love and we want to be together every single moment that we can manage; it is not so much about guilt but the agony of not be able to be together; so after two days of wasted contemplation we have made the decision to still go on; there was this honesty you shared with  her and the action she made which i realise you guy are still care for each other; as a deep commitment has been agreed with years ago and it is not something shake-able; at least not for now; i want to be with you in our little way that we have been through; because there is just not a single moment of the things i see; i hear; i feel; i tough that didnt remind me of you; the idea of being away from you is already difficult to bear; the last thing i want to do is to lose you; which i do not want to; i know i will go to hell for this; but this is a sin that i want to bear for the rest of my life.

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