Sunday, April 24, 2016

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

3 weeks; finally we meet again; all the enthusiasm and excitement building up; I had an one whole day plan out for you; movie; massage; dinner at a nice Thai restaurant; I was glad you took the time despite the difficulty to meet me; you were on a different train and came out of a different exit; im still excited to see you; as you were telling me these days whenever you listen to the song I gave you; you will get excited and even sometimes reading the text I send you; all that I feel so strongly with you still; the surprises; all the heart shape; the kisses and hugs; all my preparation did not go to vain; the cakes; the birthday gifts; the candles; the air-cond problem; little things like wine glasses; breakfast; bubble gum; all the folded heart; Riesling that we both like; coffee; you insisted to get me coffee the next day; we were deciphering the personality test; chit chatting; I had the day all planned out in a piece of paper; pick you up; surprise you in a nice hotel room that close to the mall; you like it and im glad you did; I blindfolded you and made you listen to music the whole way; still then you realize I wasn’t bring you to my home; it was some place else; the key doesn’t work; I ran down and get the key problem resolve; you waited; you didn’t even take a peek; you like it when i get all excited and nervous; we broke our intimacy promise; we couldn’t; it is impossible to be with you without touching, kissing, caressing and getting intimate; it just impossible; then the whole day all went well because we were just agreed on all that we want to do; went for a movie; talk about things less politely; talk to each other more openly; after the movie; we went to our house to just relax a little before our dinner; which I brought you to a nice Thai restaurant and we even walked there; the weather was nice and I really enjoyed; the only problem was your shoes and you got blister; but I know because you were anxious to go with me and you totally forgot about that; in the end it was fine until I brought up about that question; in a way Im glad I did because I guess in the end I still want to know where are we going and how are we going to be; it brought up a really sad part of our whole relationship thinking that we may end it tonight; I was sad; coz people may get hurt and I don’t want that; after the dinner; we took a cab back home and then I sent you back; this was a struggle for us all even from 3 months ago; I checked back the letter I wrote to you; I came back again; thought about it;  and I write you another; I truly understand the inconvenience circumstances we facing but that really doesn’t stop me from keep on loving you where the wave of emotions is just too strong to resist; I was happy I send you off to the airport this morning; I waited for you in front of the Starbucks like we said we would; you were late; i was anxious; until the send off finally; we parted happily with smiles on ourselves; then I relies that is still not goodbye; at least not yet.

I wanted everything to be perfect and yet it was the imperfection that has made last weekend perfect; 

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