Monday, April 4, 2016

I have loved you so much that I believe I understand you a little.

i smell you on me................

i shower and getting ready to bed last night;
i wear my black singlet;
i smell you;
you left your perfume when you hugged me tightly this afternoon;
i smell you;
all the memories come back;
i cried and i whisper i love you;
i so very much do;
i wish you leave a mark;
on my neck;
i dont mind anymore;
because somehow i just want you to be a part of me;
even though in the end i know the mark will disappear anyway;
like how you will disappear from my life;
literally and eventually.

in the end;
we do not give up because it is hard;
we only give up when we do not want to go on anymore;
and that is something no one else can force;
not for now.

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