Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.

it was that day; i dropped you back to your place; let you settle everything before your family comes back; we were lucky; had ourselves a couple of hours; how long could that last; you were away with them for a week; to a remote island; no line no connection; i thought it'd passed; it didn't; miss you even more; minutes and seconds; day and night; who knew missing someone could be so sweet and miserable at the same time; then i was away for the weekend; we didn't speak much; just that we have each other in our mind and we know it; right until this moment; another week has passed; we could not wait for another moment to meet; you stood at my door with your sport attire; so this is your new shirt; did you like it? no, it's ok; we laughed about it; i know you hate me for that; i know you wish i like the same thing that you do; but we are so different; thats why we are right here with each other; you created the lousiest excuse ever; made me silly sad and cry like mad; it was crazy; i hated the fact that you need to lie; i dont have to but you do for so many times; but to have you lying again, again and again; all my bad intention and bad conscious are not enough to stop seeing you; you have no idea how to continue; right after you walk in my door; you hugged me and didn't follow exactly what you want; you change your mind; we thought we are going to but didn't; we lied in our bed; you hug me tight; i can feel your heart racing; hug me; kiss me; you kept telling me; i know; you kept saying; you dont; i kept insisting; i think i do; i dont think you do but somehow deep inside i know you do very very much; we talk about that again until we avoid to talk about it until we dont think we can avoid to talk about it; we didn't make love; like the first time i met at your place; we didn't but we still had a good time and ever since that good time never leave us behind; you made me promise to make you a meal; you said you want to spend time with me when you are back and you hold on to that movie that we have yet to watch; creating many possibilities so we can stay on; you still remember that night when we was watching the movie half way; you said you feel like you are coming home to me; so nice and yet so simple; you call out your name; as if you want me to have it; you spoke in your mother tongue and you thought i dont remember but i did; there is something you do not simply forget; not when that something is you; you dont know how to go on; i just want you to leave; you look at your watch for the very first time; i have to go yo even say; i know i cant ask you to stay although i so want to throw tantrum at you like a kid but i know i couldn't; just go i said and our songs are playing; i swear i no longer will play that song list if i am with you; the sadness is too much to bear; we didn't even talk much about our trip at all; just reminiscence all the memories; the silly text me cookies; the period encounter; the book; all that; we are just leaving back door after back door for each other; afraid that if we miss one then it is time to say goodbye; we leave traces of love behind again and again; you told me about that key; i said its a sign of the negative; but you just twist and turn it said that's a sign that i will be sticking with you, for a long time; this time around i really hope your sign is the right one; rather than mine.

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