Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Don’t lose a woman that has seen your flaws and still loves you.

we found time to see us again; for one hour; ok; technically 45 minutes; before you board the plane tonight; i reach slightly earlier and i was standing inside the cafe; saw you taking photo with your phone; wanted to send it to me; you look like a kid; a cute kid that i helplessly fall into; i wanted to give you something of mine for you to bring it back to me ; i closed your eyes ; you reacted strongly ; i was smiling ; you guessed it right ; i hope you take care of it; and a little heart note that you missed ; i hope she will never find ; i know you dont want to become one of those bitter emotionless loveless old man; but you wont; at least with me you are not emotionless; if anything you are giving me too much attention and you are doing it right; i talked about the cultural differences; my parents; how they not showing love; not the way i wanted to; you being parents; a good one; we talk about life too; how we should seize the moment; i dont care so much of living long i guess; it's the depth of it; not the length of it that actually matter; to me; of this life; at least of my life anyway; sometimes we talked but hardly things are ever easy to just let go; it is easy when you say it; it is easy when it is not you; but this is not; this is us but not only us. 

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