Monday, January 25, 2016

you were already gone long time ago.

i see you on Monday, for 4 hours, i was asking you when you have to go, you mentioned 6pm to 7pm, dinner time with family, i just feel so so sad like i have fell into a pool of sadness that i can never get out of, i never know you can feel such strong emotion for someone, i say just go, you say sorry, but who am i to be here into the same game deserving an apology, i dont, you were here early without i even said yes, you said you can wait, eventually the goodbye will come and i will hate you for making me cry so much, it's time to re-discuss and reconsider to end everything now, dont you think? because when you say i can spend five hour with you doing this, in my head i already know the answer; but you dont have 5 hours, although with all the conversation that we had and love that we made.

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