Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Love is so short and forgetting is so long.

so she is back; for some unknown reason you dont want to tell me when is she coming back even though you know it earlier; i know you dont like changes even it's fixed change and it's inevitable; you said so; but how can you stop something that you cant stop; anyway eventually i have to know; it's just a matter of time; to me i rather sooner than later; as always; in this point i am different than you; i want to take the bad thing first; you will hold on to it until the last bit to see if things can change; we are apart after the last meet for a few days; you say one week without you is very tough; i also think that you used to live without me; somehow someway you will be able to manage but at this moment you dont want to; there always will be this sorrowfulness between the both of us that we not talk about; i really like you in a way that i never share with someone before; so free and comfortable; you have a free day and i maneuver my plan to make time for you simply because i want to see you too; that is the truth; you will arrange again for a surprise dinner; i dont want anymore surprise; i just want to be with you; hold you hand and talk with you for a long long time; i want to hold you strongly; even just for one more night; even if i only get just one more night....one more night.

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