Sunday, June 28, 2015

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

We have not been writing to each other for the longest time. Something changes between us, somehow. Tonight you told me everything but it didn't change the fact that something changes between us. The friendship, the love, everything our relationship once had. It's not about the trust, if I don't trust you, I won't be here at all. It's the kind of friend that I don't think you really treat me as, someone that cares enough to listen, to be there. i guess you dont know me well at all, all these years, very disappointing and disheartening. now that i know everything, only now you have breach that trust. i understand what ur gf really goes thru, all these while, i sympathize her, for she has trusted you but i dont know whatever between you guys enough to say anymore, i will just say i admire her truly as a woman, the suffer she has been thru, for you; years of relationship and trust, you blew it!

Two years, now that you finally told me what you have been wanted to say, I don't know why now, I don't know if it matters anymore.

I'm not the kind of friend that yell at you, telling that you did wrong, because you did, I'm sure whoever close friends you told would've already shouted at you the same thing. If you want advice, they probably have already given it to you as I can't offer you any, not something you wanted to hear, because all the things i can say will be so mean, so bad, so harsh.

Your gf had every right to be angry and has been thru for the last two years together with you on this, she is a super human, you owe her beyond anything words can say. The betrayal, the lies, if our relationship cracked, then I can't imagine what is it like for her.

You have no right to say you feel guilt towards your daughter, ur gf is right. Forget and move on with your life, leave the poor woman and her child alone. If you have thought about this today, you would've wear a condom and stop fucking around. What are you thinking? Gosh. Who do you think you are and you think because of your sperm you are entitle to be a father? You never wanted a kid anyway. you have the nerve!!!!!! What makes you so noble now? Because you have spent two years with your so called daughter, because you have develop a bond, a relationship, because you turn your back in the woman you loved for all this? is it worth it? you do not entitle to anything, not qualify to anything, nothing. Bla bla bla. Bullshit. The woman is doing the right thing, protecting her child. i would if im her too, she owes you no explanation, again, i dont know enough.

get on with your life, like you said you would, if this is all meant for you, meant to be, it will come back, if it doesnt then you know very well why.

i only know one side of the story anyway!

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