Friday, January 30, 2015

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


i re read this email of yours again and again.

yes, you mention a lot of "me" , can see that still heading to a very selfish direction, who doesnt, right? even im selfish to be honest. you also looking for someone to inspire you.

to me, in these troubled times, i will need someone more than ever, knowing someone are being there, not for me to lean on selfishly, but to know that they are there, no matter what, they dont even need to say a lot, but just being there, you know?

i plan to sort out my property, dateline is useless for fool and my ex is not moving anywhere, that leaves her wife and I doing all the talking, but if he doesnt man up and do things, unless i hire someone to ugly things up, to splash paint in his house, or something, anything to provoke (i dont know, i never do such gangster thing before, maybe it will provoke him, or maybe it will worsen things up and then he decided to hate me forever and not going to sign anything at all forever and ever). i received SMS from his wife, long winded talking about  she has done her best and her husband is not moving to solve the problem, etc. ive asked my lawyer to send out another reminder again.

i leave you to sort out whatever you need to sort out.

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