Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know.

you are old and way more experience than i; i have to admit that; long time ago; because i still let small things hurt me.

you throw in way too many jokes; that is the way you are; i still do not mind; i try to do the same; just not my thing; we are on the topic of joking and drilling; difference between men and women; cant necessarily compare.

53:05; you driving to airport; i know the lack of empathy from your end; it's too late to change now; the lack of attentiveness from your end; because people in the end will manage it; you care but you are not showing it; just like me; we talk about new experience; you like it sometimes in something; i said sexually you intend to want more; you said that is due to the sense of validation that you yearn for; to boost your confidence but you are not sure if that works if yo have  been doing that for 20 years; we have a lot of similarities in many aspects; sexually; but your need in getting the validation; you show it and it boost up your confidence; i do not; you said you like my back; that's a turn on; you also told me you rarely talk about loser things that makes you feel like a loser like going to travel alone; masturbation; plus so many things if we were to be a couple; twenty years down the line no one can say what happen; i would rather you be square and love me; married or not; i want to be even; at least be treated evenly; i still old fashioned and conservative when it comes to commitment; i feel you do not like to be in the context of such; i ask anyway; if i started with you; i would not have swing; that was my answer once and you like me for that; but if i am married and you are a swinger; i will choose you; either wa; it shows you that i like you; very much; i hope you know that; you hate the word sleeping around; it's your thinking out in the way; saying you are swinging just makes you mentally more positive; that's all; in the end we are not saint; at least me; will be going straight to hell; for sure. 

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