Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people

so you are the get even kind of guy; 43 years of experience with women; you said; but you still have unhappy married; divorce once; undergoing another divorce process that may or may not happen; a child; what have your 43 years of experience thought you; i wonder; 2030; arrives outside your new place; you were still getting ready; very hungry; saw your new place; with a few careless mistakes fell on your head; cut your nose; went to a doggy place; hypermarket; RM20 valet parking; care or do not care; still bitch about it; saying fuck and shit; pizzas; ice cream; bread; cooking pan; whole lots of stuff; no plastic bag; walk away; you seem like someone up there; that i will not be; im comfortable where i am; do not know what you expect; sleep over; new toothbrush; too cold; ordering around; doing stuff; you had a maid; said you do not want to get used to it; im happy to just do small things; gay experience; hospital visit; randomly talking; cozy evening nevertheless; sleep; snore; first night; as usual; strange place; not complaining; but would like to see you again; i mean it.

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