Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I’ve come to realize that sometimes, what you love most is what you have to fight the hardest to keep.

show less expectation on this one; care much less; see what happens; stop to be clingy; a long time ago; in fact.

with the other still have much affection and desire; glad to kept in touch; NY resolution; tell everything show everything; still shy; it's a good thing; love and lust; can not do one without the other; talk about news; weather; family; not her; still not her; do not ask what you do not want to know; ask before make a joke; had a good night chat; before someone is back; the longing; after a while you just can wait; after a while it becomes something you yearn and look forward to; in a good way.  

i am glad you keeping me happy, loving and alive. 

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