Wednesday, January 18, 2017

But someday I’m going to find somebody and love him and love him and never let him go.

we were still a bit shy; we have not seen each other for a few days; you texted me and made some jokes; you said you would like to see me and me too; so we meet; you waited and cook dinner for me; it took me a while to arrive; i had a shower first; you appreciate the fact that i was there and happy to see me; you talked about your trip; your kid; i do not know how to treat this relationship; what should i be; too early to say; enjoying the company; it was really short then you already release; i kiss you tenderly; i do not know if i should hug you, tease you more but i do not want you to think i push you away; i find your blunt honesty irresistible; i am somehow attracted to that. 

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