Tuesday, November 8, 2016

But I love you, I love you for that too, not only for your virtues, but also for your malice.

i slept really early after a tiresome weekend with friends; i feel all my energy has been sucked out; was trying to do a little bit of assignment and i gave up; yoga center was closed due to some emergency which i saw an update that someone has passed away; i wake in the middle of the night; i slept again; awake at 5; texted you; our time are upside down; you just got home from a movie; you enjoyed it with your family; you wanted to call in 10 minutes; you did sooner; i was surprised and you said you really wanted to see me; you were playing; i notice and then i realise you didnt say anything or ask for more playfully; i would have let you talk dirty to me; but you are not that type; you turn me on too as i slowly undress myself for you; then it happened; we miss each other; everything is in silence because you can not talk too loud; it is worth it; i wonder can we keep this up; without being physical; i really wonder.

good night my love. until soon.

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