Monday, October 3, 2016

She hadn’t wanted to be loved carefully, only well.

you were extra cheeky and cheerful last night; kept giving me compliment and left lame remark; we had donut; you even played nose game with me ; which makes me think of him; and you said that you missed me and the last time when we were together it was really intense; you miss that as well; that i should be on pill; i said no; you have been waiting the whole day and waited for the end of the day for about an hour to suggest  that we go to that place for dinner and get things that you want; you called and texted me earlier while i was busy with something else; why cant you just ask and say that you want to get those things and ask me to send you why did you need to move things around and do subtle hints; i hate that of you; that you never really want to be open with me and this is just small things; what about bigger stuff; i do not want to ask even; you will say you are shy; but i guess i just will not understand why; you are flying off this Wednesday night; for a month; i will go on; as usual; until you get back; until then.

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