Thursday, July 28, 2016

You’ve got to fall in love, fall out of love, no matter how much it hurts because my god, it’s worth it.

so we are happy again;
i was getting ready to talk to you our options;
you went to play badminton;
disrupted by a dinner invite;
stayed a little bit too long;
i was sleepy but waiting;
apology and explanation accepted;
we both reliable;
that's what you like about us;
we are mature enough;
we didn't get to talk about what we are supposed to talk about;
about how to part;
how about not to text each other since when;
about letting go;
about choices;
about her;
about you;
about me;
we talked much about a lot of stuff before we notice;
now we just kind of bringing it back;
how you do not want to know;
how once i was drunk but we were happy about it;
still fooling around;
how did you know i am bot doing it;
killing you with comments and silly jokes;
having fun;
like how we always do;
we cant let go;
overtime i believe we will get more and more relax about it;
this type of fun is simply just too irresistible;
you were not drunk;
but you looked really happy;
i wish you are in my arms too;
so that your warmth can linger and that i can cuddle with you ever so gently to feel you again;
all over again;
and again;
and again.

ich liebe dich, forever and ever.

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