Monday, May 23, 2016

To hurt is as human as to breathe.

I was really anxious and i left the event early just to be close with you, thanks for booking my flight and invite me for this trip, it was an amazing 5 day 4 nights. 

Our little boutique hotel was by the Pearl River side. 

Being a typical tourist and going to attractions was not really our main point. 

We had everything all booked, food, room, all inclusive. 

Although they have repeated the menu a few days we didn't really mind, we would've mentioned to them earlier on the change and got it for the last day of lunch.

A nice dinner and we had cocktail over looking the pearl river on the 6th floor on the hotel bar.

I bought a sparking white wine, we had it on our third night. 

There was all these long stroll. First day was raining then the rest of the days weather was so sunny and fine. 

I bought a pair of new shoes.

You spotted a tea cup you like in the book store; i drove you away and i bought it for you; because you rarely you say you like something and i thought it was something that i can get for you.

You kept on saying underground that i mistaken as tunnel.

There were some hiccups on the wrong direction, wrong walk, no turning back, we juts walk a lot, took a cab which the driver rude drove me crazy, and also the beer that cost so much more than usual. we dont see the point in arguing anyway; you just letting me be. 

We went to some memorial center, check out the tower, the business district. 

You were talking about how you slowly getting used to the place. 

We still reluctantly not crossing some lines. 

I was hiding inside the bathroom which you didn't feel comfortable about, i dont want to interfere. 

We had so much fun, we just simply miss each other too much to bring out hard topic. 

We opened hearts, listened music and just simply enjoying our time being together, together, where we hope this moment will last forever and ever.

You are the one that i can be married to - i will not never forget you say that; this is not something you will be able to forget for a long long time.

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