Friday, February 19, 2016

Only the brave and the broken are kind in this world.

i am still concern; about you and her; you told me all about it; but it's no big problem; it's an universal problem for all couple; im not worry; maybe i not that influential enough; but i do want you to stop and then i want to have you again; with me you always want to be the best; you said you dont see any other girl other than me; you said you are in love with me more than anyone else; you said one week not seeing me is too much; you like the way we are together in this very secretive way; i always long for you; always; you said i underestimate myself too much; if i say i am no good then why would you pick me at the first place; it makes sense; anyway, i just let you talk away; about expectation; about not asking someone to change; about love; about loving enough; about different phases in love and life; you say you have to have me and you need to see me and then you needed all this; but to me you only need it  if you make yourself need it; otherwise i am just another passing by; surely; just try a little tenderness and you will see; anyway; time is always too short for us; too damn short.

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