Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you.

finally i showed you my home; you are very proud of me; can i come and sleep here sometimes?; if you want; i replied; you scan around my place and said you like it; you spotted a book old man in love; you asked what is that about i said it is exactly about what the title says is all about; you smile; is that me? i didn't say; i am me; i am not everyone else; which means i get to do this with you where the rest do not; i understand; is the feeling subsiding? you said you sometimes has a vague memory of one of our photos; you even tell me my expression looks the same; people dont change so much; i guess; even after a long time; you are so proud of me; walking from 28 to 38; that is a long time; and why cant we be together; it's all too late now; you feel agitated and restless if you dont see me for a week; you thought i am seeing that guy; but what you didn't know is there's never a guy; there is only you; i secretly feel happy; but i dont want to reveal the truth; if you didn't follow me back tonight; insisting; i dont know when will i show you my place; funny how you thought if you let me go alone i will never come back; i will give you excuse; but the truth is i wont; i really wont; i will always come back; always and that you are right; you are you; you are not everybody else.

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