Monday, February 1, 2016

I’ve always had a terrible weakness for beautiful but sad things.

i dont know why it is just so easy to be with you; maybe its because we know each other too short; maybe simply because we are still too nice to each other; it could be; its possible; but feeling is feeling right? you cant deny; i met him yesterday; we still threading carefully in each other world; you were not asking about him at all; not until i was ready to share it with you; you feel obligated to text me because you know i am seeing him; and you say i should tell you if i feel like telling you not because i am thinking of you hence doing it for you; but you should know if anything that i do is because i want you to know; simply that; besides the meeting was totally unfruitful and i was quite clear about my feeling to move on; i somehow feel pity and sympathetic towards him and i thought i will have one last shot in life to make something happen; clearly that should not be my reason; and i have so clear a feeling for you and that i can not help to compare you both; when i make it sounds like a task, job, chore without any passion and emotion in it; im pretty much screw; then again you ask me to date guys around here; it's easy for you when you are the one who's married; i told you i  know someone who is nice and that is you but you married and that makes me sad; you said you would  married me; at least you will thought about it and that you ask me if i am willing to go there with you; i told you i would; it's the circumstances; but i know you love her; i have nothing more to say; i dont want to compare anymore; not in that way; i dont know what is worse; a guy that cant offer me a commitment or a guy that can offer but cant deliver; both suck in a big way; big big way; anyway in the end it will be my decision; you said that you will only stop because i dont want to; it will be be because you do want to; you touch me in so many ways that you may never know; with that i say thank you. 

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