Saturday, January 9, 2016

And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.

So this is our final decision ; to keep seeing each other as long as we can ; coz we begin to get sick of this emotional roller coaster bullshit; you told me several reasons ; one, maybe in the end we realize us as a bad match then eventually parted; second, since we will be parting anyway why now, why don't we stick until the end, third i forgot what it was, third one was the possibility in the end something good might work out; which i am sure that will not be the case; because you said the paid is good and the task is interesting; i cried a lot; you did too; this whole thing just making me so sad in the beginning; but we manage to talk about it and have a little laugh; and you also quote your daughter relationship in which to me its a total different thing, but everytime seeing you just confirmed that how much i enjoy seeing you, the emotions you stir up; i didn't give you that letter ; im keeping you; and you told me about your sexual life with your wife and all the lies ; business trip ; early drive ; maybe she already suspect ; i dont know how long we can last; i scare to guess; i dont want to know ; not for now anyway ; anyway; we talked about our first sex, mastubation, affair and househusband; random stuff; we were listening to our songs and I'm glad that you pay more attention to the lyrics; you always been supportive and want to let me know that you care; making it so easy for me to be with you effortlessly; i know you have to go in the end; can you just let me say it anyway; dont go; please dont go; please; you ask me to spend a night with you again soon; i promise you i will; you want more time with me; as i want it with you too ; i know that now; stay with me; u said; i dont want to lose you; please just let me be with you for however long we could have and be. I love you. I do now. 

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