Saturday, December 19, 2015

Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.

Friday; I picked you up; on time as usual; to your convenience as usual; I ended up driving; fulfilling all your requests; I was excited as you were; we dined in the dark; the dishes were not anything special; the atmosphere was; you were touching me in places you would not normally do under the light in public; we were more daring under no light; pitch dark; i cant even make out your face at all; it was a different experience and sensation; we slowly tasting; describing the food to each other; we have got some right; even the juice and rice challenge in the beginning was fun; i beat you to it; you like that I walked over and tasted you; you into me being spontaneous; when I'm into you I would; I want to please you and make you happy; you can't imagine not seeing me in nine days; we don't used to be with each other; we survived seven days that means we can do it again; you have family after all; when i think about that I become sad; I have to accept this; things just happen naturally with you; our sexual attraction; conversation; touching; hugging; kissing; fondling; messing about; all with certain seriousness; sexiness; naughtiness and I would even say fondness; a lot of it; you even still have your socks on; I thought that was funny; I'm just a girl clearly know what I want and how to get it; my last relationship taught me all this; that I become patient; that I become one of those who can wait and not being sticky or clingy; now in this sort of relationship it helps me to go on; you afraid I may rush away again; I have promised you I won't and I didn't; I also know when to walk away; that is the most important. To just walk away and know when to say stop; when to say when; when the time comes.

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