Sunday, December 6, 2015

A man is only as good as what he loves

you ask me to go on a trip to the island; i didnt even hesitate or have second thought; we went ahead with it; casually; without any demand; being who we are; again we talked about the things we normally talk about; how we treat people; how we react; how small things matter; how checking is matter; how caring is matter; how talking is matter; how you communicate with the right person matter; how everything kind of interrelated, connected and become one, really; i asked you a question was even too heavy for myself to answer; i regretted it; because in the end i would like to share too; we love the session so so much; no pressure; on and on again; you re-iterate the point that you like me; need me; being with me and also have no future with me; you ask me about my marriage; im not sure i will ever do it; the laugh; the joke; making sex joke doesnt even bother me; having a beer; bloated stomach; in the end somehow still work out and had a great time; despite a bit under the weather the night before; you cant wait to see me again and ask me out for a movie; tonight? yes; i want to see you again;  i didnt even hesitate or have second thought - yes.

then here we go again.

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