Sunday, September 27, 2015

I like a person who knows his own mind and sticks to it; who sees at once what, in given circumstances, is to be done, and does it.

You thought there was this nice and simple person, in front of you, all this while. I have issues, in the end i just have to let you know that;
you found the courage and readiness to drop me a bomb; you told me that you like me; within a short frame of almost two months you said you are falling in love with me; when i clearly know that you dont even know me yet;
how can i trust you and believe that is true;
i just have to drop that same kind of bomb on you too;
i dont feel the same feeling that you feel for me; i dont feel good and i dont feel special;
i really dont;
i can not lie;
and i dont even feel sorry about it;
that a clear sign that - i really have issues!

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